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Leganto Reading Lists for Convenors

Troubleshooting & FAQs

Q. Why am I having problems accessing Leganto from Safari and Internet Explorer?

A. There are some well documented problems with accessing Leganto from these 2 browsers. The Library suggests you use Chrome or Firefox instead.


Q. I clicked on the Leganto Link on my iLearn page and received the error message “Response code: 400 failed OAuth check”. Why?

A. We are currently experiencing an issue with the Microsoft Edge browser. Users are encountering the error message above when they access Leganto using the link in their iLearn page. Please try another browser.


Q. My students are trying to access Leganto but are receiving an "Oops..." error message. What are they doing wrong?

A. If students do not first use the ‘Unit Readings – Leganto’ link in iLearn and instead try using a different link to access their reading list, they will encounter the following message: “Oops… We are sorry, but it appears that you are not enrolled in this course or that the list may have been deleted. Ensure that you have visited your reading list through the 'Unit Readings - Leganto' link in your iLearn unit page at least once to be recognised as a student enrolled in this course.” Please remind your students that they need to access their reading list from the iLearn unit, the first time they visit Leganto. They need to remember to do this for every unit they are enrolled in.


Q. I tried to use the Cite it! widget but it didn't work. What am I doing wrong?

A. You need to be logged in to Leganto on another tab for the Cite it! widget to work seamlessly and consistently. If you are not logged in to Leganto you will receive a log in prompt, however, some users may experience log in failure at this stage.



Training Videos

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