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Leganto Reading Lists for Convenors


Analytics of your reading list are available in the Reports section in Leganto, found on the left-hand menu. The Reports screen shows three tabs of reports: Analysis, Usage and Inactive.

- On the Analysis tab you should see two reports that give an overview of the activity on your reading list.

- The Usage tab gives an overview of the number of students interacting with the citations on your list. You can access three other reports from this section (see below). 

- The Inactive tab will contain the usage reports of your reading lists from previous sessions. 


In the Usage tab, if you click on the hyperlinked List Name you will be able to see three further report options: 

View Reading List Sections to see the usage of each section (week/module).

- View Reading List Citations to see the usage of each citation (reading).

View Reading List Citation Types to see the usage of each citation type. 

Some explanations for the headers of these reports are below:

Column Heading


Citation Type

Primo Central = electronic record that originated from the MultiSearch index

Physical = print book record 

External URL = website

Electronic = electronic MultiSearch record that originated from the Library system

Digital = PDF stored in the Unit Readings copyright collection

File = uploaded PDF (or other relevant file type)

Active students  the number of unique students that interacted with the citation in some method: clicked, liked, commented, viewed the material
Total Full Text Access the number of times the digital file was downloaded or the link to the article/website was clicked
Participants the number of students enrolled in the unit
Total Read It the number of times the tick has been clicked in Leganto to mark the reading as read