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Anywhere Access - Apps and Tips

Your guide to remote access options for Library subscribed resources, essential worktools, and troubleshooting.

About the Access via Macquarie Bookmarklet

You may sometimes find a resource that the Library has access to and still be asked to subscribe and/or pay a fee to download/view the content.

This happens when you are not recognised as a patron of MQ Library, likely because you are:

  • using a computer, tablet, or mobile device that is not on the Library network
  • using a resource that does not have automatic authentication enabled
  • following a direct link via a publisher's email or RSS feed
  • searching via standard Google Scholar rather than Google Scholar @ MQ

An Access via Macquarie Bookmarklet is comprised of a bookmark - available in all major browsers - that executes a computer programming language known as 'JavaScript' to re-direct you to the page that you are currently trying to access through MQ Library's electronic resource gateway.

How it works

1.  Click and drag the Access via Macquarie link below into your web browser's bookmark bar:

Access via Macquarie 


2. Manually create a bookmarklet. This is most beneficial when using a mobile device or tablet:

  • Copy the line of JavaScript:


  • Create a Bookmark or Favourite in your web browser
  • Locate the bookmark and select to edit it
  • In the Name field enter a suitable title
  • In the URL field paste the copied JavaScript

  1. Access a resource without using MultiSearch, such as via a search on Google or a link to an article from an email alert/RSS feed

  2. Click the Access via Macquarie Bookmarklet that you created

  3. This will bring you to MQ Library's electronic resource access gateway. Here, you will be prompted to log in with your OneID

  4. You should then be taken back to the resource, where you will now have full-text access (so long as MQ Library has subscribed to the content)

  5. If you are accessing multiple resources on one site, you will only need to sign in once using your OneID

  6. You will need to keep using the bookmarklet in order to obtain access to the subscribed content on a different site

For example:

1. Search Journal of Accounting Research in Wiley Online Library while off campus

2. After clicking on the Access via Macquarie bookmarklet, you will see the MQ logo and be able to access the full text of resources to which the Library has subscribed

If you are unable to configure the bookmarklet for whatever reason, and would like to access a page that should be available through MQ Library's electronic resource gateway, you can try adding the following prefix to the URL in question:

For example, take the IBISWorld platform without the simsrad prefix outside the Library's computer network. You can see that it is restricted.

After adding the prefix and logging in accordingly, the user is redirected to MQ Library's IBISWorld platform. They can now search and access all materials to which the Library has subscribed.


An Access via Macquarie bookmarklet will not work on all mobile device, nor with all subscriptions. Some publishers where you may encounter a few problems include LexisNexis, Factiva, Westlaw, and HeinOnline.

If there is no institutional subscription to the resource in question, you will receive the following error message when using the bookmarklet:

Oops! It looks like you have attempted to view a page that has not been configured for access...

If the bookmarklet does not appear to be working, or if it is not providing access to the resource:

  1. Go to MultiSearch

  2. Sign in using your OneID

  3. Search for the resource to verify whether there is institutional access 

If you are still having trouble, contact us.


The bookmarklet and user instructions have been adapted from pages (now archived) prepared by Dr Russell Anderson from the Monash School of Physics.