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Anywhere Access - Apps and Tips

Your guide to remote access options for Library subscribed resources, essential worktools, and troubleshooting.

About Google Scholar CASA

Google Scholar's Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) enables you to take MQ Library subscriptions off campus without having to use a VPN or other authentication service.

It is automatically enabled in Google Scholar. Unchecking the Signed-out off-campus access links box in the Google Scholar settings page will disable access to the MQ Library subscriptions and participating publishers.

How it works

  • Sign in to your Google account while you are on campus or when connected to MQ Library’s proxy service or VPN
  • Search for an article using Google Scholar; it will automatically create a link between your Google account and MQ’s subscriptions
  • You will now be able to access MQ Library's resources when off campus using the same Google account
  • You will need to refresh the link after thirty days by accessing Google Scholar while on campus or when connected to MQ Library’s proxy service or VPN

Note: Signing in to your Google account is optional but it creates a useful link between all your associated devices (i.e., mobile, tablet, laptop, and/or desktop).