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EndNote 20 for Mac

Customising your reference types - a two step process

It's easy to modify an existing reference type in EndNote. Whenever you make a change to a reference type, you should also edit your Output Style to make sure that they correctly format the modified reference type.

Step One - Modify your Reference Type

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences > References Types > Modify Reference Types.
  2. At the Default Reference Type drop down menu select the Reference Type to be modified.
  3. Rename the relevant fields in the right hand column.
  4. Type a new name in the blank cells that matches as closely as possible to the Generic column in the left hand side eg for a map use Cartographer instead of Author.
  5. To save the changes select OK. This will return you to the Preferences box and select OK again to save all changes.

Step Two - Customise your Output Style to reflect the modified New Reference Type

  1. Go to Tools > Output Style.
  2. Select Edit "APA 7th" (or whatever style you are using).

3. Go to Bibliography > Templates.

4. Click Reference Types and select the new reference type eg. Map.

5. Click Insert Field and select the field names from the list. Add spaces, brackets and punctuations as required.

6. Click Yes to save the changes before closing.