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EndNote 20 for Mac

Setting & Using Find Full Text

Setting your Find Full Text preferences will enable you to download and attach PDF files to references in your library.

Set your preferences:

  1. Go to EndNote 20 > Settings
  2. Select Find Full Text 
  3. Tick all of the checkboxes including PubMed LinkOut
  4. Copy and paste the following URLs into their respective boxes (see the image below)

Open URL Path:

Authenticate with:


         5. Click Save.

The first time you use 'Find Full Text' in your EndNote session you will be asked to Authenticate your account.

Go to References > Find Full Text > Authenticate. You will be prompted to log in with your MQ OneID & Password.

After Authentication

  1. Select a few references from your library.
  2. Go to References > Find Full Text > Find Full text OR click on the Find Full Text button.
  3. EndNote will search for the full text. If EndNote finds the full text, the PDF will be automatically attached to your reference.

FAQs about PDF attachment

                            Q: I tried running Find Full-text on a few references I know we have full-text access to, but it didn't work. Why?

A: Find Full-text works well, but not perfectly. Reasons why include

  • Publisher's website does not support or allow this functionality.

  • Too many users are already in a database with limited access.

  • Journal handles letters, editorials, & other genres differently, making it difficult for EndNote to find the citation.

  • Article is buried in a large full-text database that does not allow individual articles to be easily retrieved.

If you have had a few failed attempts at using the Find Full-text on a particular reference, then add the article manually to the reference i.e. download the PDF and attach it to the reference.