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EndNote 20 for Mac

Using Term lists

  1. In the Output Style Box, select the style you wish to edit, eg Harvard.
  2. Go to Tools > Output Styles > Select Edit [chosen style] eg Edit Harvard. 
  3. Alternatively go to Tools > Output Styles Open Style Manager Highlight the style you wish to modify > Edit.

2. Click on Journal Names, use the radio buttons under Journal Name Format to choose how you want the journal name to appear.

Abbreviation 1 shows the abbreviated journal title with periods.

Abbreviation 2 shows the abbreviated journal title without periods.

3. Close and save the edited style.

Note: you can choose to save with a new name if you wish to avoid overwriting the original style. Make sure to choose this new style in both Word & EndNote to see your changes.

To replace the existing journals list with one of the supplied journal abbreviation lists:

1. Select Library > Open Term Lists > Journals Term List.

2. Delete all existing terms from the list (you can click and drag to highlight all terms, or click on one term then press Control-A to highlight all terms), and then click Delete Term.

3. Click on the Lists tab and highlight Journal, and click Import List...

4. In the File dialog, navigate to the Applications\EndNote 20\\Terms folder, select the list you want to use, and click Choose to import the journal names and abbreviations from the file into the Journals term list.

5. Click OK on the information box telling you how many terms were imported.

6. Clicking Terms will show you the new list of Journal terms.

7. Click Close when finished.

See the instructions in the 'Editing style to choose journal title format' box on editing your style to choose how to display journal names.

What are term lists?

When would I want to use term lists?

  • To maintain consistency of author names, keywords and journal titles.

  • When your referencing style requires abbreviated journal names in your bibliography.

  • When you import references from a database where the titles have appeared in abbreviated form, and your referencing style requires the full journal title.

You can set your EndNote preferences to show the format you require.

Where can I get term lists?

EndNote comes with a range of term lists for journals in the following discipline areas: Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy and Astrophysics, BioScience, Chemical, Economics, Humanities, Korean Medical Terms, Law, Medical, Philosophy, Physics, Religion and Zoological Records.

They are located in your Applications\EndNote 20\Terms folder.