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EndNote 20 for Mac

Setting the output citation style

Select your citation style from the Output Style box.

There is more information about citation styles (referencing styles) in the Referencing guide. Familiarise yourself with the different elements of the citation style you are using so that you recognise when errors occur in EndNote.

If the citation style you require is not there it can be added.

  1. Click on Select Another Style and a dialog box will open 
  2. Scroll to the name of the style you require
  3. Click Choose.

You can choose more than one Reference Styles that populate the drop down Output Style box.

  1. Go to Tools > Output Styles > Open Style Manager
  2. Place a tick next to each of the styles you want to appear eg APA 7th, Harvard, Vancouver.
  3. Close the dialog box. These new styles will now all appear in the Output Style box.

EndNote output styles

EndNote offers more than 6,000 bibliographic styles. You can download them from EndNote web site:

EndNote Output Styles

Below are some links to commonly used styles that are not already available in the EndNote program:

AGLC (Australian Guide to Legal Citation) style (from the University of Technology Sydney)

FAQs about download more styles

                            Q. I can't find my required style, what can I do?

A. Additional styles are available from the EndNote web site:.


1. Click on Tools>Output Styles>Open Style Manager...> Get More on the Web button in the Style Manager box from within EndNote or visit EndNote Output styles 

2. Select or search for the required style.

3. Click Download.

4. EndNote will open  and then use File > Save As to save the file (remove the word "copy" from the end of the name).

5. You can then close the Style window after saving (the red x in the top left corner).

6. The style will now be in the appropriate folder on your computer (usually Applications > EndNote 20 > Styles).

7. When you want to use the style, go to your library, in the style box click on Select another Style..., select the style and click Choose.