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EndNote 20 for Mac

Entering & Editing references manually

1. Select References > New Reference or click on the New Reference button

2. Choose the relevant Reference Type eg Journal article. Fill in the fields following the EndNote data entry conventions.

3. Close the New Reference window (click the red circle in the top left corner). Select 'Do not show this message again' to automatically save when you close the New Reference window in the future. Click Save.

To edit a reference:

1. Highlight the reference you want to edit

2. Select References > Edit Reference or select Edit  in the right hand side window.

3. In editing mode, select the field that requires editing and make the necessary changes.

4. Click Save on the right side window to save your changes.

Note. The "Change case" function is missing in EndNote 20.

FAQs about customise reference types

                            Q. What can I do if I cannot find the Reference Type I am looking for?

A. The Unused types at the bottom of the list allow you to add custom types.

See Learn more: Customise your Reference Types for details.