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EndNote 20 for Mac

Setting Preferences

You can save time by setting your Preferences for different functions including:

  • Display Fields - choose which fields display in your reference list panel
  • Find Full Text - use this feature to search for the full text of items in your library
  • PDF Handling - set up an automatic renaming process for imported PDFs
  • Reference Types - set your default reference type (eg Book or Journal article) when you manually add a reference
  • Sync - set your sync preferences if you use EndNote Online

To open the Preferences menu go to  EndNote 20 > Settings (from the menu at the top of your screen) or use the Command  ⌘ and , 

Watch: A class recording: configuring your EndNote 20 preferences

This is an EndNote video tutorials production published on April 23, 2021.  It is an overview of customizable preferences available in EndNote 20

FAQs about storage preference

                            Q: When I insert a citation to my Word, I receive this message: "This library is currently being used by someone else. Please try again later."   

A: This is because your library is saved in your iCloud account.  

You can check if your system is set to use the iCloud for the Desktop and Documents folder: 

  • Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your Mac's screen. 

  • Select System Preferences... from the dropdown menu. 

  • Click on iCloud in the Preferences window. 

  • Click on Options next to iCloud Drive. 

  • See if the box next to Desktop & Documents Folders is checked. 

  • If that option is checked and your library is in either of those locations or a subfolder of them, that can cause this to occur.