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Media, Communication, Creative Arts, Language & Literature

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Databases are:

  • collections of information, and can include journal and newspaper articles, as well as audio visual, books, conference proceedings and more.
  • often specialised in a specific topic or discipline
  • sometimes cross disciplinary

Useful search terms

  • Searches can couple a specific term with one of the general terms.

For instance,"Australian short stories" AND "literary theory"

  • the AND in capitals will link the concepts for more refined results. 
Specific Australian fiction; Aboriginal authors; Australian literature; Authors Australian; Australian essays; Novelists Australian
General debate; analysis; discourse; criticism and interpretation; philosophy; reflection; literary theory; writers


For searches, it can be useful combining a specific term with a general one. For instance:

postmodernism AND discourse

  • Using AND in capitals will connect the search terms.
Specific English literature 20th century; modernism literature; postmodernism literature; writers;  critical theory fiction
Useful general terms analysis; discourse; criticism and interpretation; reflection; literary theory
  • For searches, combining a specific term with a  general one can be effective

For instance "children's literature" AND discourse

"Dorothy Sayers" AND philosophy

  • The AND in capitals will link the concepts for more refined results. Using the inverted comma's around a phrase will give you more precise results. 


Specific young adult fiction;  juvenile fiction; children's stories; children's literature; youth fiction; pictorial works; treatment of female characters
General criticism and interpretation; debate; analysis; philosophy; history and critcism
  • For searches, combining a specific with an area of exploration can be effective.

For instance "gothic fiction" AND Canada

modernism AND "science fiction"

  • The AND in capitals will link the concepts for more refined results. Using the inverted comma's around a phrase will give you more precise results. 


Gothic Modernist Renaissance Victorian
Gothic conventions English fiction 20th century Literature medieval Victorian period
Horror tales Modernism Middle English 1100-1550 English literature 19th century 
Penny dreadfuls Popular culture art and society European literature  
English literature 18th century 1918-1945 fiction    
Gothic fiction Popular culture 20th century    



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