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Media, Communication, Creative Arts, Language & Literature

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These tabs highlight some specific databases for you to use.

Databases are:

  • collections of information, and can include journal and newspaper articles, as well as audio visual, books, conference proceedings and more.
  • often specialised in a specific topic or discipline
  • sometimes cross disciplinary

Useful search terms

Searches can couple a specific term with one of the general terms. For instance:

 "television broadcasting of news" AND analysis  

"Journalism objectivity" AND "professional ethics"

(the AND in capitals will link the concepts for more refined results). 

Television television broadcasting of news; interviewing in television; broadcast journalism Australia; reporters and reporting 
Current affairs social conflict case studies; world politics case studies; journalism objectivity; public opinion; international economic telations; political participation; news frames; ideology; reporters and reporting
Print news newspapers; news content; journalism; freedom of the press; news; coverage; newspaper publishing; user generated content; letters to the editor
Useful general terms collective memory; analysis; professional ethics; evaluation; standards; survey; ethical aspects; ideology; cultural sociology


Searches can couple a specific term with one of the useful general terms. For instance:

"television broadcasting of news" AND analysis 

"Journalism objectivity" AND "professional ethics"

(the AND in capitals will link the concepts for more refined results). 

Writing journalism; mass communications; journalism studies; media effects; journalistic writing; journalism authorship; media studies
Social media digital social media; social networks; mass media industry; social media usage; online social networks; twitter; mass phenomena; internet marketing
Useful general terms analysis; discourse; writing; field study; professional ethics; attitudes; practice; influence; communication theory


Use a search term and a general term connected with AND (in capital letters). This will produce a more refined search. For instance:

 "creative process" AND storyboards

Screen production motion pictures; storyboards; nonfiction films; film adaptations; film; genres; drama; screen production; collaboration; film studies; motion picture authorship; digital cinematography; production and direction; digital video in pictures
Screen writing motion pictures; story boards; non fiction films; film adaptations; motion picture authorship; screenwriting; screenwriters; genres; drama; script development; collaboration; film studies
Documentary documentary films Australia; production and direction
Australian film Australian film television and radio school history; Australian film commission; Aboriginal Australians in motion pictures; motion picture industry Australia; indigenous film
Useful general terms history and criticism; rhetoric and composition; technique; creative process; production studies; pedagogical approach; film theory and criticism; writing; narrative technique


Searches could couple a specific term with one of the useful general terms. For instance:

Armstrong, Gillian AND "criticism and interpretation" 

"British New Wave" AND analysis

  • The AND in capitals will link the concepts for more refined results.
  • Using inverted comma's around a phrase will give you more precise results. 
By Director Use Director name AND movies; achievements and awards; criticism and interpretation; cinema directors; biography; philosophy
By Genre British new wave; sensory; poetic realism; queer; dogme; action; adventure; comedy; crime; film noir; political ; satire; French new wave
Television television viewers; television broadcasting; mass media
Digital video recording; DVD; digital video
Useful general terms discourse analysis; philosophy; fads; analysis; feminist theory; criticism and interpretation



Browse the Library's journal subscriptions. You can:

  • browse journals by subject and review tables of contents
  • download full articles 
  • link to specific "shelves" of content and  add journals to your personal bookshelf  
  • be notified when new articles are published
  • save articles for off-line reading

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