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Leganto Reading Lists for Convenors


Students are able to suggest resources to be added to the reading list. They can include a Suggestion Note to indicate why they have suggested the reading, or where the reading should be placed within the list;

Suggestion note


You will see student suggestions on the right-hand side of your reading list under Suggestions

Student suggestion


To add the suggestion to your reading list, select the suggestion and drag and drop it into the reading list.

Please note - the Suggestion Note will not be included in the reading list citation. If you wish to keep this information visible in the citation, you can add it as a Public Note.




To reject the suggestion, click the garbage bin icon. A confirmation message will appear, click OK

Student Discussions

Students can contribute to discussion threads in a couple of ways. The Student Discussion feature is available at the list level, and at the individual citation level;

student discussion


When a student comments on a citation you will see a new notification. 

Comments section


You can click on the citation title in the notification to be taken directly to that citation.

On the right-hand side of the screen you will see the comment.

Discussion thread


You can respond to the comment or delete the comment by clicking on the trash can icon.

A confirmation message will appear, click OK to delete the comment. 

Adding Notes

The Public and Private notes function allows you to add a bit more information to a citation. This could include a public note to your students to draw their attention to particular part of the reading, or it could be a private note to yourself as a reminder to include the reading in the exam.

Public and private notes

To add a Public Note, click on a citation to open it. Under Public Note click Add note. Enter the note in the yellow box and click Save. This note is visible to everyone who can view the reading list. 

Public note

To add a Private Note, click on a citation to open it. Under Private Note click Add note. Enter the note in the yellow box and click Save. This note is visible only to yourself. 

Private note

Disabling Student Discussions

If you decide you don't want to have the student discussion feature in your list, you can easily disable it.

1) Click on the ellipsis at the top right of your reading list

2) Click on Configure list discussions, and select Hide student discussion thread;

configure list discussions