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Leganto Reading Lists for Convenors

Importing Citations into Leganto from Mendeley

Mendeley has built-in integration with Leganto, so you can import your citations directly into your reading list.

1) You need to start by linking your Mendeley library to your Leganto account. In Leganto, click on your name at the top right of the screen to access your profile. Then choose User Settings;

User settings


2) In the new screen, click on the Mendeley tab in the Citation Managers section, and type in your Mendeley account details. Click the blue Authorize button, and then the blue SAVE button at the bottom;


3) Your accounts should now be linked. Return to your reading list and click on the + to add a new reading;

Add a new reading


4) In the right-hand pane, choose the More tab. Your Mendeley library should be visible and you can then drag and drop the citations into the relevant sections in your list;

Adding citations from Mendeley

Importing Citations into Mendeley from Leganto

You can also export references from Leganto to Mendeley. There are 3 ways you can do this;

1) Export the whole list;

Exporting list to Mendeley


2) Export a section of the list;

Export a section


3) Export from your 'My Collection' (first select the citations you would like to export by checking the relevant boxes);

Export from my collection


Once you have clicked on To RIS, an RIS file will automatically download.

Open your Mendeley desktop library, double click on the downloaded RIS file, and it will import all the references you have selected in Leganto into your Mendeley library.

Importing Citations into Leganto from Zotero

Zotero also has built-in integration with Leganto. If you have a Zotero library, you will need to connect your Zotero account to your Leganto account by entering specific details in the User Settings in Leganto. For full instructions, please follow this link.